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OncoNOx completes license agreement



Copenhagen and Oslo, April 2016


OncoNOx (Copenhagen, Denmark) grants Aura Biopharm (Oslo, Norway) an exclusive option to license and develop its anti-beta 2 GPI mAb (OX1406). This compound was specifically designed to target the main pathogenetic mechanism of the antiphosholipid syndrome (Hughes syndrome, or APS), a rare disease characterized by multiple and recurrent thromboses.

OX1406 prevent thromboses and fetal loss in rodent models of APS by competing with antiphospholipid antibodies for the binding to beta2-GPI (Agostinis et al., Blood 2014. 123(22):3478-87)

OX1406 may represent first in class "pathogenetic-tailored" treatment for prevention of thrombosis and fetal loss in APS patients.


Under the terms of the agreement signed between OncoNOx and Aura Biopharm, Aura Biopharm will benefit from an exclusive license option to progress OX1406, developed by Aura Biopharm under the name AUR1001. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.



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